Rodriguez Hotel #01


Joe goes to the room 211 of the Hotel Rodriguez to make a special deliver of a sandwich worth $10. The person who ordered it is a somewhat 60 years old black man wearing his pajamas. The old man gives him a chill and Joe doesn’t know why. Something looks odd. He receives a $50 bill and is said to keep the change.

On the way back, as he is waiting for the elevator, he notices the hallway looks kind of odd when the light hits the light-protected window glasses at night. Joe decides to take a picture of this and ends up missing the elevator. When looking at the image, he notices it’s a little bit shaky and as he pays a little bit more attention, a weird for had taken place in the picture. It’s not the light, it’s not on the wall. What is it?

Joe gets a little bit scared and pushes the elevator button repeatedly. When he looks to the other direction of the corridor, that it also looks weird. The elevator is taking a lot longer than he expected for a 4-floor building. It finally arrives and Joe enters as fast as possible, pushing the button to the lobby floor. He hears footsteps as the door closes, when he turns his head to look at the doors almost closed, he sees the old black man looking at him.

deu na telha, agora eu tou me fazendo ficar com medo de hotéis, er..