– Here, ma’am. Come closer to this side.
– Thanks.
– Where are you going to?
– Me… to Gràcia.
– Oh, me too.

The noise of the train braking and the doors opening, while the announcement system screams on the speakers. The elevator’s door opens.

– Take my arm, I’ll help you.
– You’re such a gentleman. What is your name?
– I’m Ramón, and you?
– Well… it’s better if you call me Mary.
– Then Mary it is. What brings you to Gràcia? Do you live here?
– No, I came to visit my grandson.
– Oh, I see. Erm, I’m sorry… How old is he?
– No problems. He is 7. Was supposed to be in school, but got sick. My daughter asked me to help.
– Can’t say no to that, huh?
– Hehehe, that’s true. But doing this makes me so happy.

The elevator announces system that it has reached the surface.

– Here we are. Closer to the sun once again. Where does he live?
– Not far, close to Verdi street.
– Yes, it’s close. Can I keep you company?
– You don’t need to…
– But can I?
– I can’t say no…
– Then don’t let go of my arm!
– I won’t. And you, what are you doing?
– Me? I was just in the registry delivering some paperwork. Widower life…
– My condolences. This is such a sad moment.
– It was, yes. But it was quite a while ago, now it’s just bureaucracy.

I feel his arm holding me tighter. We stop.

– Careful with the cars. Sometimes there’s crazy people driving in those streets.
– Yes, I’m sorry.
– No need to be, we’re already in a calmer street now. Almost there.
– Good to know. I’m not paying that much attention.
– Yes… unfortunately we’re even too close to the destination. I enjoyed talking to you.
– Oh, what a pity. I also enjoyed, thank you very much.
– Could we have coffee some day?
– I think so, I don’t imagine why we wouldn’t.
– Ok, now I’m going, then.
– But where to? Here, take note of my phone.

The pen dances on a paper while he writes the number.

– Thank you, Mary. It was nice meeting you.
– But you haven’t told me where you’re going now. Don’t you want to stay and have a coffee?
– You should stay with your grandson, he needs your attention. Me… I’m going back to the train station, I have some more stations before home.

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