Dreadful future

And hatred filled their souls. The origin of it was easy to identify, but their demand was simply impossible to justify. They were blindsighted by what they were told. The words were strong, the angst pulsated strongly from their heads and could be easily felt by their heart.

“What are you fighting against?”, a neutral person asked.

“Against this oppressive government!”, one protestor shouted.

“But what are you fighting for?”, the neutral person replied.

“Progress for our country!”, the protestor shouted again.

“And how do you think you will achieve it?”, the neutral person asked.

“By overthrowing this oppressive government!”, the protestor shouted one more time.

“But this won’t make the country any better. Without government you’ll have anarchy.”, the neutral person said.

“We want the old government back! Military help to ensure the country has discipline and banishes corruption!”, the protestor


The protestor marched away while the neutral person stood there without any physical reaction, but lost in his thoughts. “How can we save ourselves by giving our freewill to the ones that had taken it before?”


Worse yet, what if this army is composed of blind soldiers that follow blindly the orders of their religious leaders?


It wasn’t easy to sleep that night. The future seemed dreadful.